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The field of religious studies involves the study of religious beliefs, literature, imagery, and practices around the world. Special attention is given to the historical bases of world religions as well as their effects upon present-day societies, in both the East and West.

Courses are offered in several world religions, biblical studies, religious thought, and religion and culture. Courses are open to all students without regard to personal views or affiliations. No attempt is made to promote (or discredit) a particular view, but rather to be better understand the complexity of each religion.

Emphasis is placed on the objective analysis of religion rather than the practice of a particular form of religion. Many of the undergraduate courses enable students to satisfy (H) humanities, (D) diversity, and (I) international studies requirements, and also provide an excellent background for many types of graduate and professional programs. 

Courses in religious studies are a vital part of a liberal arts education.  Minors may be interested in expanding their understanding of the world, or are seeking a career in the ministry, graduate studies in religion, international relations, religiously-oriented journalism, music or art curatorships, careers in NGOs, the diplomatic corp, and even the oil industry as a middle-east cultural expert.  

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  • Welcome Dr. Ryan Armstrong Welcome Dr. Ryan Armstrong
    07 Jun 2022

    The OSU Religious Studies Program welcomes Dr. Ryan Armstrong as a Visiting Assistant Professor, starting Fall 2022. 

  • The Rise and Fall of a Monument The Rise and Fall of a Monument
    15 Oct 2021

    Tuesday, November 9th 7:00-8:30 pm at www.ostate.tv  A case study of the passage of legislation to erect a monument featuring the 10 Commandments on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds, the legal challenge that followed and the subsequent removal of the monument to private property.

  • Welcome Dr. Glen Fairen Welcome Dr. Glen Fairen
    21 May 2021

    The OSU Religious Studies Program welcomes Dr. Glen Fairen as a Visiting Assistant Professor, starting Fall 2021.

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